Monday, May 31, 2010

Nieces & Nephews

Got my baby fix this weekend, finally (and thank goodness)! Dave & Koren came out with the trips & they are all so stinkin' adorable. Hung out with Jared & Yvonne, too and Mel & Jon. Everyone was there except Deb & Moffat - even though we had McCall until midnight Friday....

While the boys + Mel went on a hike Saturday, the girls stayed back with the kids. I took Tay & Bri over to our place to play some games, jump on the trampoline & have a little bit of quiet time. So I gave the girls some food & set them up on a towel outside to picnic. Next thing I know, Tay's teaching Bri about the Plan of Salvation - how adorable is that? "And there was this good guy, Jesus, and he was against the bad guy, Lucifer, and a lot of people followed him...

So cute! Glad for times spent with family, can't wait for Joy & her girls to get out here in a few days.

Holy cow - my baby sister is getting married!!

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  1. Family is great! Sounds like you made the most of your holiday weekend. Hurry Joy, we need you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!